[OS X Emacs] Re: Returning to Emacs

Jochen Küpper kuepper.jochen at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 16 02:43:50 EDT 2010

On 16. Apr. 2010, at 02:55, David Reitter wrote:
> You weren't that wrong.  There's GNU Emacs 23 (NS port), which you can download as a binary build from various sources (you mentioned one).  You can run this as a X11 version as well (you may have to re-build it).  Most people won't want to do that.  You can also run it in a terminal, but again, most people wouldn't benefit from it.  And: most people won't want to run this sort of vanilla Emacs build anyways, except you're keen to install other packages and do a lot of configuration yourself.  However, it will be maximally compatible with other Emacs 23 installations.

Actually, David, I am sure a large number of people are happy to use this, as it is a "plain Emacs" that behaves like elsewhere…
You can also get it through MacPorts, for example, plus a number of "standard" add-ons (i.e., auctex).

I'd used Aquamacs 1.x a lot and liked it (thank you David and colleagues!) but when I got a real emacs 23 as in current Emacs.app I just fell back to it as is just much more "Emacs". You have to decide what you want, but in the end they are both "emacs inside", which is the most important thing! ;-)

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