[OS X Emacs] Struggling with Aquamacs + org-mode + beamer + texlive

Bar Shirtcliff barshirtcliff at gmail.com
Wed Aug 25 12:01:32 EDT 2010

Hi Philip,

I've tried that combo, although not with those specific versions of
each, and I'm pretty sure that org-mode doesn't play nicely with
Aquamacs.  I have seen all kinds of annoying, buggy behaviours with
org-mode and Aquamacs, but no particular Aquamacs bugginess with
TexLive or LaTeX or Auctex.

Working with Auctex is a good alternative.  If you're stuck on working
with org-mode, maybe try a different Emacs and let us know how it
turns out?  I detest org-mode, even though it's useful, because of its
buggy nonconformity.  I'd be curious to hear whether it's really the
combination, as an org-mode fanatic here in my lab avers.


Philip J. Hollenback writes:
| Hi All,
| I'm curious if others are using the combination of 
| Aquamacs 2.1
| org-mode-7.01g
| macports texlive 2009
| beamer
| ?
| I've been trying to use that stack to generate presentations from
| org-mode documents, with mixed success.  I do have pdf generation
| working, but my beamer output is weird - for example I can't get blocks
| to appear in the final output, everything gets converted to nested
| lists.
| I don't think this problem is specific to Aquamacs, its probably down in
| org-mode or texlive or beamer.  However I'm posting here in the hope
| that maybe other Aquamacs users have already gone down this path and
| could give me some pointers.
| For example, should I try a different tex distribution?  It's unclear to
| me which is the recommended one for use on macs.
| Thanks,
| P.
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