[OS X Emacs] Re: Struggling with Aquamacs + org-mode + beamer + texlive

Bar Shirtcliff barshirtcliff at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 13:20:19 EDT 2010

That begs the question, already asked, of which buggy behaviours are
specific to Aquamacs.

See David's reply for examples.  I would add to his examples, off the
top of my head, that it's difficult to write programs that work with
org-mode because of the strange things it does with point when one is
working in a table.  That alone is enough to cause me to abandon its
use.  Emacs' great power is the ease with which one can make it one's
own.  All that effort is undone when one passes into org-mode.


Erik L. Arneson writes:
| Bar Shirtcliff <barshirtcliff at gmail.com> writes:
| > I've tried that combo, although not with those specific versions of
| > each, and I'm pretty sure that org-mode doesn't play nicely with
| > Aquamacs.  I have seen all kinds of annoying, buggy behaviours with
| > org-mode and Aquamacs, but no particular Aquamacs bugginess with
| > TexLive or LaTeX or Auctex.
| I've been using org-mode with Aquamacs for almost a year now and have
| noticed no buggy behaviors specific to Aquamacs.  What have you run
| into?
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