[OS X Emacs] faster aquamacs ?

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Wed Dec 1 05:09:16 EST 2010

Am 01.12.2010 um 01:29 schrieb David Reitter:

> A process started with the "&" syntax is killed when the window is  
> closed (Terminal/iTerm), or when the *shell* buffer is killed in  
> Emacs.

Not for me, and not for the processes I launch (for example: gv, other  
Emacsen, xterm, xfontsel). Maybe because I am using tcsh...

> Chances are that there is a configuration variable to customize this.

Bash documentation (info bash, help set) should cover this topic (I am  
not that familiar with the chaotic bash to know by heart how to kill  
background processes when exiting that shell.) Are you using  
interactive bashes? Non-interactive shells might behave differently  
(for which reason ever).

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