[OS X Emacs] buffer has a running process - popup msg

Brad Anderson brad at sankatygroup.com
Mon Feb 1 12:14:00 EST 2010

Hi all,

Every so often, when Aquamacs is in the background, the dock icon starts to
bounce, and I see a dialog like so:


I click 'Discard' many times, and then check out the Recent Files menu:


I have only opened up one .erl in this source folder, but it shows all of
them have been recently opened.  .erl files in my setup usually have flymake
active, so I'm wondering if that's the process attached to the buffer.

My question is, what is causing Aquamacs to open these files in the
background?  I don't believe it happened in 1.9, but now I'm on github
'master' I see the behavior.  I can only find this commit that is associated
with the issue:


I'd love to turn off whatever is causing this.  Any thoughts are

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