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Thanks very much for posting this question.  It made me experiment with tabs, though I don't use them in Safari or Terminal.  I like them in Aquamacs - they cut down on window clutter and let me group sets of related open files.  I turned off "show buffers in new frames" and as you wrote, the behavior is very nice.  So now I'll second your original question, and add one of my own.

I can switch between tabs with A-M-<left arrow> or A-M-<right arrow> or Command-} or Command-{.  The Aquamacs help says that I can also use A-M-0,1,2 through 9, but that doesn't work for me.  I'm not sure if I'd use them, but it would be nice if the behavior matched the help.  FWIW, my A-M-1 is bound to aquamacs-delete-other-windows, and A-M-2 is aquamacs-split-window-vertically, and A-M-6 isn't bound to anything.

Thanks again, and huge thanks to David and team! 

-- Pete

On Jul 1, 2010, at 10:38 AM, <prathouz at uchicago.edu> wrote:

> Hi All -- Congratulations and thanks to David for all the improvements in Aquamacs 2.0.  I have found *very pleasantly* that I can run Aquamacs without "show buffers in new frames" checked, relying on tabs heavily. But, that when a new file is opened from the finder, a new frame is opened. This behavior is quite nice and very functional.
> I am also using OS X Spaces.  Aquamacs seems to work well with this in the sense that new files opened from the finder open in a new frame the current Space.  This is excellent.
> One oddity is that when a frame in the current Space is closed, and there are no other aquamacs frames opened in the current Space, aquamacs switches to a different frame.  Most applications (e.g., Firefox, Terminal) will switch to a different window only if one is available in the current Space; otherwise will revert to a state of not having a current window be the focus.  Is there a way to tweak Aquamacs so that when a frame is closed, it does not switch to another frame if the only other frames available are in other Spaces?
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