[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs 2.0 and spelling

Normen Müller normen.mueller at googlemail.com
Thu Jun 10 13:31:05 EDT 2010

On Jun 10, 2010, at 3:47 PM, Nathaniel Cunningham wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 1:14 AM, Normen Müller <normen.mueller at googlemail.com> wrote:
> However, every TeX command is identified to be an error which is really annoying.  How do I switch back to the previous behavior
> Change ispell-program-name to "aspell", via M-x customize-variable RET ispell-program-name RET,
> or (setq ispell-program-name "aspell")
> Requires of course that you have Gnu aspell installed to be useful.
> Even without installing aspell, flyspell (M-x flyspell-buffer, M-x flyspell-mode, and through Edit-->Spelling menu) handles TeX better than ispell (ispell-buffer et al.)
> or how do I teach NSSpellChecker TeX?
> Requires a dictionary, available to the OS X system spellchecker, that knows TeX; available using cocoAspell http://cocoaspell.leuski.net/.  Sounds like you already have cocoAspell and its Spelling preference pane.

Thanks for the hints and advices, Nathaniel.  Yes, I already have cocoAspell.  Now, enabling spelling through the Edit menu, everything wrt. TeXing works just fine.

Normen Müller

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