[OS X Emacs] stagger frames?

Jack Repenning jrepenning at collab.net
Fri Apr 15 11:36:33 EDT 2011

I recall fondly (though it may have involved X10, to date myself) an Emacs frame layout command called "stagger," where the current frames would be laid out diagonally from the upper left, wrapping back to the top when their bottom edges met the bottom of the screen, and back to the left edge when the frame right edges reached the screen right edge. This would be a supplement to the existing Aquamacs "scatter," "tile," and "tab" behaviors.

Since I routinely have ten to twenty frames open, and am navigating among them constantly, I've found this layout to be the most effective. But man is it a pain to drag and size twenty frames into this configuration!

Is this hiding somewhere in smart-frame-positioning.el (or elsewhere) and I just haven't spotted it? Is there some other elisp that provides it?
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