[OS X Emacs] Problem with dbus suport in

Michael Kohlhase m.kohlhase at jacobs-university.de
Wed Feb 16 12:17:29 EST 2011

Dear Aquamacs team,

I have been using aquamacs for years and I am extremely happy with it. 
But today, I wanted to use dbus methods and I am getting

  apply: Symbol's function definition is void: dbus-call-method

Note that I required dbus from the distribution.

I looked into dbus.el and it used

(declare-function dbus-call-method "dbusbind.c")

I suspect that the problem comes from the fact that dbusbind.c is not 
there in my distribution. Can that really be the cause?

I have a cool feature that is based on the dbus working, so I would 
value your help.


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