[OS X Emacs] AUCTEX & Carbon Emacs

Tariq Perwez tperwez at uga.edu
Thu Jan 20 13:07:24 EST 2011

I use Carbon Emacs (I believe it is 22.3.2; I cannot be sure because I am not at the Mac right now) and it does have AucTeX support (plus other goodies). Coco Emace, on the other hand, does not have AucTeX (it is pure Emacs and nothing else). I am still happy with Carbon Emacs even if it is not the latest version of Emacs. You can try it; works out of the box, as they say.



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On Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at 9:50 AM, Marinos Koutsomichalis
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> in Aquamacs when a .tex file is visited I get a LATEX menu automatically,
> in carbon emacs AUCTeX is supposed to be pre-installed but I only get a TeX menu with just a couple of options - how can I enable AUCTex macros and features in carbon emacs, too ??

AFAIK, Carbon Emacs is no longer in development. I suggest trying
Cocoa Emacs to see if it works. http://emacsformacosx.com/

Is there a reason you're using both Cocoa/Carbon and Aquamacs?

Jeffrey Horn
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