[OS X Emacs] chmod

Brian Wong brian.wong1 at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 23 13:43:56 EDT 2011

Hi, this is my first post here. I am a beginner with both OSX and UNIX, as well as Aquamacs. I have been learning Texinfo and have been successful in getting a document working properly as both HTML and as an Info file on my Windows system, but am having trouble on OSX.  I want to edit the dir file for Info, but cannot change the file permissions to save the necessary changes. This is no doubt due to my limited understanding of the UNIX-like file system, but when I try chmod on the files or directories in question I receive an operation not permitted message. Any help would be appreciated!
By the way, I am really liking Aquamacs! It is far superior to the Windows version and a pleasure to use.
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