[OS X Emacs] To add an environment

Roland THIERS roland.thiers at canl.nc
Sun Jul 24 05:45:09 EDT 2011

Hi everybody,
First, thanks for questions and answers, even if a lot of them are a  
bit too complex for me !
I use Aquamacs mostly to produce Latex files with Auctex, to get any  
file on my Macbook with Dired (i love this) and also
to learn Emacs Lisp.
When i work on a latex document, in math-mode, C-c C-e to insert  
environment, there is a nice completion ("en" "Tab" give  enumerate)
I would like to add some more environment (multicol, tkzpicture, ...)  
and have the completion for them.
I read the help ("adding environment" in Auctex) but I failed (because  
i don't understand really how it works).
Thanks in advance for a beginning of help (completion is just useful  
for me but I don't need  that, I just would like to improve in Elisp).

Roland Thiers
 From Noumea NC

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