[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs: bitten by "Application Support" file (here: calc-preferences)

Stefan Vollmar vollmar at nf.mpg.de
Fri Sep 2 03:17:46 EDT 2011


I was a happy Aquamacs 2.3a user until I noticed that everything except Emacs Calculator mode seemed to work fine. I was able to fix the problem by removing the calc preferences file in "~/Library/Application Support/Aquamacs Emacs" which, apparently, confuses the autoload mechanism. As it took me some time to find the problem and I think that other packages might be affected by what is, possibly, a migration issue, here is the full story:

The wonderful Calculator mode is usually started with M-x calc. It offers a menu entry "Save mode settings" (m m) which, also in Aquamacs 2.3a, will write a file "~/Library/Application Support/Aquamacs Emacs/calc.el". After that file is in place, further calls to M-x calc in a fresh incarnation of Aquamacs will yield this error message:

"call-interactively: Autoloading failed to define function calc"

However, calc will continue to work, if Aquamacs is started using the "without any customization" option. I checked the load-path and found that


is available, however the "~/Library/Application Support/Aquamacs Emacs" entry comes first and - this is my interpretation - confuses the autoload mechanism by providing a calc.el file which (here) is a preferences file and not a package ending with a "(provide 'calc)" line.
I can currently do without the calc-preferences file (and am a happy Aquamacs user again), but surely there must be better solutions?

Many thanks in advance.
Warm regards,
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