[OS X Emacs] Select all: how to *not* jump to the beginning of the file + how to not change the selection?

Jack Repenning jrepenning at collab.net
Thu Sep 22 13:28:21 EDT 2011

On Sep 21, 2011, at 10:46 PM, Hofert Jan Marius wrote:

> No, I don't use another binding.

I was actually asking that question of Piet van Oostrum. Who, actually, had already provided the answer, "C-u before C-space."

> Our original question was how to select all (to apply some function to the selection). 


I thought the original question was more like

1. have point somewhere or other in the middle of a paragraph (or file)
2. use a command that marks the whole paragraph (or file), like mark-paragraph (or mark-whole-buffer)
3. use a command that operates on the region, like indent-region
4. now, get point back to where it was at #1

C-u C-space about twice does the job. I was confused by the original reference to "C-space" (i.e., Piet originally left out the all-important C-u).

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