[OS X Emacs] How to efficiently work with shells/term? drag & drop, history, several instances

Hofert Jan Marius marius.hofert at math.ethz.ch
Sat Sep 24 18:53:52 EDT 2011

On 2011-09-24, at 13:27 , David Reitter wrote:

> On Sep 24, 2011, at 4:09 AM, Hofert Jan Marius wrote:
>> I could figure out a minimal setup where the problem appears:
>> Preferences.el just looks like this:
>> ;; see http://news.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.macintosh.osx
>> (defun smart-dnd-always-insert-file-name ()
>> This means that the file from which you open the shell plays a role. Indeed, it determines on which level tab completion works. But it's quite confusing that pwd shows that one is on the Desktop level while tab completion suggests that one is on the level of the file from which the shell was opened.
> Well, that is not right, indeed.
> However... you're saying that this occurs only when the above code is in Preferences.el?
> Could you please give us a list of step-by-step instructions, starting with "Start Aquamacs without customizations" from the "Help/Diagnose and Report Bug" menu.   You must then show that the problem does not occur.

Dear David,

the problem is quite strange. Here is what I did:
1) used AppCleaner to *completely* remove Aquamacs
2) installed the latest version 2.3a [I'm working on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.8]
3) double-clicked on /Users/<myusername>/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el [recall that Preferences.el is *empty* [up to the default comments]]
4) this opened Aquamacs and displayed the scratch buffer and Preferences.el (the latter being active)
5) typed in M-x shell RET
6) this opened a new "tab" showing the shell
7) typed in pwd => we are in /Users/<myusername>/Desktop [as expected]
8) typed in ls -al => shows the contents of /Users/<myusername>/Desktop and shows that there is a folder named myfolder (so we should be able to cd into that by typing "cd myf" + tab)
9) typed in cd myf + hit tab
10) the folder name is not expanded to myfolder. Rather, one obtains "No completions of myf" in the minibuffer.
11) deleting "myf" [so ending up having "cd " at the prompt] and hitting tab then, shows the files and folders of /Users/<myusername>/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs.

Steps 7) to 10) are shown in "screenshot_1.png", Step 11 in "screenshot_2.png" [both attached].

The same behavior is apparent if one uses Help -> Diagnose and Report Bug -> Start Aquamacs without customizations.

Please let me know if you need any more details.



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[cid:64a4dc0b-0fa6-4333-b187-3e8b1a3f213e at intern.ethz.ch]

> Then, execute the Preferences.el file by loading it, and typing M-x eval-buffer RET.  Then, show that the problem occurs.
> Needless to say, I can't reproduce it just yet (not in Aquamacs 3.x anyway)!
> Thanks
> - David
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