[OS X Emacs] Going crazy with reftex: tab-completion sometimes working / often not

Hofert Jan Marius marius.hofert at math.ethz.ch
Tue Sep 27 13:21:58 EDT 2011

Dear all,

I would like to use reftex to include citations in a .tex document. With "C-c [" one can then insert a "\cite{...}" command and possible citations are listed based on your .bib file. 

Whenever I hit "C-c [" I get "Regex { && Regex...}: [<default>]:" Now I should be able (?) to use tab-completion to find the reference in the .bib file I want to insert. The problem is: Although I remember it worked for me once, it does not work anymore. I have no idea why though. So assume "myreference2011" is a key, I want to use via \cite{myreference2011}. If I type in "C-c [" and then "myref" + TAB, all I get is "[No match]". I know for sure that there is a corresponding bib-entry. 

I then read about how to set up reftex, how to find .bib files etc. But this does not help since reftex *is* working: If I type in "C-c [", then "myreference2011" (so without tab-completion), and then RET, I perfectly see the entry and can hit RET again to get \cite{myreference2011}. 

Then I thought it might be due to my personal specifications. I followed David's suggestion and started Aquamacs without customizations (Help -> Diagnose and report bugs). Still the same thing. So my questions are:
1) Is it really the default of reftex not to work with tab-completion?
2) if so, how can I specifically have tab-completion to work?

Another observations: If I use "C-c [" and type in myreference2011 + RET, I receive \cite{myreference2011}. Once this is in the .tex file, I can then use "C-c [" myref + TAB and get indeed myreference2011. So I thought that reftex maybe only works with references that were already put in the document. I then saved the .tex file and started Aquamacs again [again without customizations]. I tried to put in the very same reference and, again, tab-completion did not work anymore... 

Any help or comment on this is highly appreciated. 



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