[OS X Emacs] problems updating org-mode on Aquamacs

Peter Salazar cycleofsong at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 00:57:54 EST 2012

I'm running Aquamacs, which I downloaded as a .dmg and installed. It comes
with org-mode 6.33 or thereabouts. I'm trying to get a current version of

I downloaded org-mode 7.8.03, did a setq load-path (cons to the org
directory, then used the package manager to install org from within
Aquamacs. I can verify that org now states its version as 7.8.03.

But now whenever I save a file or open a new one, I get spinning rainbow
pinwheel of death. Do I have to compile the package somehow?

I downloaded org-mode again and followed the instructions to do "make" and
"make install," but it didn't have any effect. Still pinwheel.

So I tried downloading the Aquamacs binary and compiling that instead, but
I couldn't get it to work. Every time I try to compile Aquamacs using make
or /.build-aquamacs, it gets stuck on:


All I want is to run Aquamacs with a recent version of org-mode... with
enough speed that I don't have to wait ten seconds every time I open a new

Any thoughts? Thanks for any help.
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