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E. Javier Elizondo javier at math.unam.mx
Fri Jan 6 11:57:09 EST 2012


I am not an advance user in emacs, I just write latex on it. I used to have
carbon emacs, unfortunately it is not supported any longer. I tried
emacsformac but since I have a spanish keyboard I started have problems,
for instance, not being able to use the backslash (in my spanish keyboard
you get by using alt and a key), so I decided not using emacsformac (I did
not have that problem with carbon emacs, the keyboard was recognized). Then
I started using aquamacs, the backslash problem I fixed by going into the
menu and changing the meta key to meta&spanish. It works perfectly, so far.

Now I have two problems in aquamacs.

1) How can I change the preview for looking the pdf file? At present it
choose adobe, but I good like to try with skim, or preview or texshop.

2) How can I active to go for a particular place in the pdf file to the tex

I will appreciate your help, Javier
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