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> 1) How can I change the preview for looking the pdf file? At present it
> choose adobe, but I good like to try with skim, or preview or texshop.
> 2) How can I active to go for a particular place in the pdf file to the
> tex file?
Both these questions (at least as far as Skim is concerned) are answered in
the Aquamacs manual, section 4.4.1: "Skim: A LaTeX Previewer."  Adjusting
from Skim to Preview as your viewer follow the same steps listed there.  If
you want to use a different viewer, I think you can add it to the available
choices by adding an option to "Tex View Program List" within the same Tex
View submenu, though you'll need to know the detailed command needed for
e.g. TexShop.

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