[OS X Emacs] theming issues

Lard Farnwell lordfarn at gmail.com
Fri Jul 6 07:47:17 EDT 2012


I have lots of problems with aquamacs and themes:

1) after saving a default theme options->customize aquamacs->Custom themes and restarting aquamacs the theme loads but for some reason the fonts (faces?) are screwed up. The main problem is that normal text is black rather than the theme's colours. If I reload the theme by doing "load-theme"  the theme is fine.
2) If I create a new window (c-x 5 2) the theme isn't properly on the new window. Screenshot below (zenburn , new window on the left). The text seems to have zenburn colours but not the background.
3) When I have zenburn installed via marmalade it doesn't work at all when I save my settings options->customise aquamacs->Custom themes. It just says "Failed to enable theme: zenburn". The default themes work with this method (well it would if not for issue 1)

Any help greatly appreciated. I love aquamacs but I have had no luck with this issue for a while now.



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