[OS X Emacs] A couple buffer/frame related questions.

Tiemo Kieft t.kieft at infinitesimal.nl
Wed Jun 13 01:42:54 EDT 2012


I've been using Aquamacs now for I while, and I like it this far. But I have a couple of questions.

Firstly, sometimes Aquamacs opens new frames (they appear in the Window > Frames menu) these frames are nowhere to be found, but the problem is, they make Aquamacs forget my cursor position. When I switch buffers back and forth, the cursor position has changed with respect to it's position before switching. I can fix this by opening the other frame from the Window > Frames menu and then closing it. So basically my questions here are, why is it opening these frames in the first place? And how can I prevent this behavior?

Another thing that I'd like to do is to be able to have a couple frames open, each with their own separate set of buffers. Is this possible?

I tried to find the solutions on Google, but so far I've been unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Tiemo

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