[OS X Emacs] prose writing productivity in Aquamacs

Peter Salazar cycleofsong at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 18:57:17 EST 2013

Two functionalities that would enhance my productivity as a writer who
writes everything in Aquamacs:

1. I wish there were a way so that when I mistype a word, flyspell could
autocorrect it to the "most likely" correction. When I mistype a word and
then hit OPTION-TAB to correct it, flyspell ALMOST ALWAYS picks the correct
correction by default as the main suggestion. I want flyspell to do this
with every word I mistype, WITHOUT my having to hit OPTION-TAB. Possible?

2. What's the best auto-complete mode to use for writing prose in English?
Again, my main requirement would be to automatically complete the MOST
LIKELY match with a single keystroke, rather than having to navigate and
choose which completion to fill in.

So that for instance if I typed in DISADV and hit ESCAPE, it would
automatically complete it to DISADVANTAGE.

It would be even better if it could automatically complete it just from
hitting space if and when there's only one possible completion.


Thanks in advance!

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