[OS X Emacs] auctex in new emacs

Arthur Ogus ogus at math.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 10 18:17:38 EDT 2013

I'm having several difficulties with the new version of emacs.  Rather than list them all here,
let me concentrate on the most important one for now, which is that the command
that is supposed to find the line containing a latex error is now quite unreliable,
especially when hyper ref is enabled.  Actually on one of my machines it works fairly well,
but not on another.  The problematic machine does not use pdflatex with file-line-error mode
enabled, which the ok machine does.  However I cannot remember how to set this option.
Searching the web says to customize the Latex-command variable, but that variable
doesn't seem to exist anymore (now it is latex-run-command?) and I'm not sure it is relevant
since the value of that variable is latex not pdflatex anyway.  Using the menu to set
options in Aquamacs is more or less hopeless, I can' find the auctex package variables anywhere there.
There is a separate menu to customize auctex but I can'd find the pdflatex command there either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

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