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I received the following reply (see below) from you to my query  "Aquamacs
Output Question".  To answer your question, my LaTeX file uses the package
psfrag which places LaTeX commands in EPS figures.  The only way for the
output to be correct using psfrag is if the command sequence is either
LaTeX --> dvipdf or if it is LaTeX --> dvips --> ps2pdf.  I don't care
which of these sequences is used, but I need the proper PDF file produced
from whatever sequence I run.  That is why I am using the command "dvipdf
<filename>.dvi; open -a Skim.app <filename>.pdf".

Anil Rao


   1. Re: Aquamacs Output Question (Peter Dyballa)


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Am 16.08.2014 um 21:36 schrieb Anil Rao:

> dvipdf <filename>.dvi; open -a Skim.app <filename>.pdf

Why do you want to produce DVI output with LaTeX first and then convert it
with Ghostscript to PDF?



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