[OS X Emacs] Skip Spelling Comments and Commands

hosack at alumni.caltech.edu hosack at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue Nov 4 23:51:20 EST 2014


What I want is to not spell-check comments (%...) and not check TeX
commands (\...) using Aquamacs 3.1a on Mac OS X 10.9.5.  I can do
either one of these but not both depending on which spell check option
I use when in LaTeX mode on Aquamacs.  Using "Edit/Spelling/Show
Spelling Panel" spelling is not checked on TeX commands, but is
checked on comments.  The reverse occurs using
"Edit/Spelling/Ispell/Spell-Check Buffer": spelling is checked on TeX
commands, but is not checked on comments.  In running these spell
options the values of the variable ispell-check-comments is reported
as nil, and the value of ispell-extra-args is reported as "-t" (with
quotes).  As far as I know these variables should have ispell do what
I want: don't spell check either comments or LaTeX commands.

Any suggestions would be welcome,
John Hosack

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