[OS X Emacs] problem with html-helper-mode in Aquamacs

Pete Siemsen siemsen at ucar.edu
Tue Sep 22 16:55:52 EDT 2015

When I edit HTML files, Aquamacs opens them in HTML helper mode, as
expected. Syntax highlighting, indenting, and menus work fine, but few keys
are bound to insert functions.

For example, to insert a hyperlink, I can pull-down HTML->Insert
Hyperlinks->Hyperlink, which inserts a template and works as expected. I
can achieve the same effect by executing tempo-template-html-hyperlink. But
there's no key bound to tempo-template-html-hyperlink.

If I execute C-hm to see what keys are bound in the mode, I get some but
not all of the ones that should be available in html-helper-mode:

^C              Prefix Command
TAB             html-helper-indent-command
RET             newline-and-indent
ESC             Prefix Command
à               Keyboard Macro
è               Keyboard Macro
é               Keyboard Macro
ì               Keyboard Macro
ò               Keyboard Macro
ù               Keyboard Macro
<f11>           Petes-save-and-browse
<f17>           tidy-html
<f4>            html-script-toggle-narrow

^C RET          tempo-template-html-line-break
^C ^Z           html-helper-mode-functions-map
^C SPC          tempo-template-html-nonbreaking-space
^C "            tempo-template-html-quotation-mark
^C #            tempo-template-html-ascii-code
^C $            tempo-template-html-registered
^C &            tempo-template-html-ampersand
^C -            tempo-template-html-soft-hyphen
^C <            tempo-template-html-less-than
^C =            tempo-template-html-horizontal-line
^C >            tempo-template-html-greater-than
^C @            tempo-template-html-copyright

^⌥B             tempo-backward-mark
^⌥F             tempo-forward-mark
^⌥i             tempo-complete-tag
⌥RET            tempo-template-html-paragraph

^C ^Z A         html-script-narrow-to-asp
^C ^Z B         html-script-narrow-to-vbscript
^C ^Z C         html-script-narrow-to-css
^C ^Z J         html-script-narrow-to-javascript
^C ^Z P         html-script-narrow-to-php
^C ^Z T         html-helper-insert-timestamp-delimiter-at-point
^C ^Z U         browse-url-default-browser
^C ^Z V         browse-url-of-file

​I'd like to get the full set, and I'd like to see them ​next to menu items
to help me remember what they are. What can I do?

-- Pete
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