[OS X Emacs] bash v tchs shell and AUCTeX in aquatics

Thomas Käufl kaeufl at online.de
Wed Jun 1 15:34:47 EDT 2016

Hi Paul,

> Am 01.06.2016 um 05:11 schrieb Paul Rathouz <rathouz at biostat.wisc.edu>:
> Hi — I have been using latex via AUCTeX in Aquamacs.  I am currently running Aquamacs 3.2.  I have been kind of a dormant user, but that is changing.  Recently, I have had some trouble with some of “tex”ing commands in Aquamacs and I am wondering if it is because my default shell for Mac is tchs, and not bash. 
> Does anyone know if AUCTeX and TeXmode in Aquamacs expect bash and default instead of some other shell? — Paul

I am using Aquamacs, the TC-Shell as default shell in Mac OS,
and for editing LaTeX Auctex too.

In the second half of the last year I was obliged to switch
to a new Mac and had some problems with Aquamacs. I do not
remember which ones. After the download of Aquamacs 3.3dev,
one of the nightly builds of Aquamacs 3.3, the problems have

I hope this helps

Thomas Käufl

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