[OS X Emacs] org mode problem

Win Treese treese at acm.org
Thu Jan 26 19:58:29 EST 2017

Hi, Pete.

I know that “it works for me” isn’t terribly helpful. I’m using Aquamacs 3.3
on Yosemite with org 9.0.4 from ELPA.

If I try C-c a s without a string, Emacs throws an error "Before first headline at position 110 in …”
but it doesn’t hang.

 - Win

> On Jan 26, 2017, at 3:56 PM, Pete Siemsen <siemsen at ucar.edu> wrote:
> I installed Org Mode 9.0.3. I downloaded the org mode distribution to
> ~/Library/Application Support/Aquamacs Emacs/, did “make”, restarted
> Aquamacs, checked that org-version was “9.0.3”, and tried to cause the
> bug again. Once again, Aquamacs hung. “top” showed 100% CPU being used
> by the Aquamacs process. I did “force quit” and here is the resulting
> dump.

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