[OS X Emacs] Issue with emacs on the command line

Iliya Lefterov iliya.lefterov at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 16:33:29 EST 2018

Isn’t it the “ideology” of Arara?



On Mar 8, 2018, at 3:18 PM, Marc Shapiro -- at work <marc.shapiro at acm.org>

From: Win Treese <treese at acm.org>
Subject: Re: [OS X Emacs] Issue with emacs on the command line

Hi, Marc. The problem is that your main.bbl file isn?t the current buffer
when the functions are run. If you think of Emacs processing the command
line arguments in order, then you need to give the file earlier in the
command line:

/usr/bin/emacs -batch -q main.bbl -l fixbbl.el -f fixbbl -f save-buffer

>From experience with other programs, it?s not obvious that the command line
would be processed this way, but for doing complex things it makes a
certain amount of sense.

Thanks Win, that solved the problem!


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