[OS X Emacs] Aquamacs: How you can help

Win Treese treese at acm.org
Wed Aug 21 22:11:40 EDT 2019

Aquamacs community,

One of the things I appreciate about the Aquamacs community is the general helpfulness. On the mailing lists, questions are answered with friendly detail. In that spirit, as I'm looking at all the parts involved in continuing the Aquamacs project, there are several parts that I'd love to get some help with. Individually, most of them don't take all that much work. The main ones recurring ones I know now are:

- responding to and triaging the bug reports sent by aquamacs-report-bug, which includes the ones suggested automatically after a crash report
- work on the documentation
- managing the mailing lists
- managing the web site
- answering questions on the list, and perhaps a volunteer or two to make sure that questions get a response
- testing, as in helping to create a better set of pre-release tests
- testing, as in checking over a release to make sure it does what we want, and that it works properly on the supported macOS versions
- triage on the current github bugs, for what is still current
- fixing bugs in the github bug tracker, of course
- managing the build server, which is a Mac mini that David has offered to a new home
- updating things like the Emacs Wiki to have current correct information about Aquamacs
- tracking discussions about features from the mailing lists into github for action

I'm hoping to focus most of my Aquamacs time for now on the migration to Emacs 26, so help on the above items contributes directly to moving things forward. I appreciate any ad hoc help, of course, but knowing who is paying some attention to the individual items above makes it a lot easier to focus!

David gave us a terrific 15 years of Aquamacs so far, and we can easily get another 15 by working together to make a strong Aquamacs community.

Of course, I'm happy to answer any questions about what's involved in any of the items above, or about other ways you can help.



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