[OS X Emacs] error message with Gallina's python-mode.el

John Hale jthale at uga.edu
Wed Jul 31 10:01:37 EDT 2019

Hi everyone — I'm seeking a simple python mode where I can press C-c C-r and send an expression to an inferior python

I added a Different Python Mode as directed at
namely Fabián E. Gallina's python-model.el
It works well enough for sending expressions, but I always get this error:

Warning (python): Your ‘python-shell-interpreter’ doesn’t seem to support readline
Native completions have been disabled locally.

and the modeline declares "Shell native completion is disabled, using fallback"

of course, my python (v3.6.8, Dec. 24, 2018  https://www.python.org/downloads/mac-osx/ ) *DOES* have readline
Since I am using Aquamacs 3.4  which corresponds to GNU Emacs
I tried the fix mentioned here
but that doesn't work. I don't see what's wrong, since in the inferior buffer I get:

python.el: native completion setup loaded

suggesting that the python-shell-completion-setup-code did run successfully.

on the other hand, evaluating the expression (python-shell-completion-native-setup) directly
yields this error which makes me think it went looking for that special confirmation string and didn't find it:

looking-back: Invalid search bound (wrong side of point)

I'm guessing the search that's going wrong is the one specified in python.el near line 3416
                (regexp-quote "python.el: native completion setup loaded") nil t 1))

But I am not enough of an elisp hacker to tell what's going wrong.

Has anybody gotten this to work properly on Aquamacs? I ask because I'd like to be able to point students
to an Aquamacs setup that works the same as what they'll be seeing on a shared machine that has Emacs 24.3.1
where C-c C-r does really send a region to the inferior buffer.


I did try with the Aquamacs-bundled python-mode.el by Andreas Röhler
but there the send command is bound to C-| and seemed to always send the entire buffer, regardless of how the region is set.
I could not figure out how to get around this. If this could be made to work, it would also achieve my desired goal.
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