[OS X Emacs] Problem with key-description in Aquamacs 3.4

Robert Goldman rpgoldman at sift.info
Mon Mar 4 15:55:31 EST 2019

On 4 Mar 2019, at 14:48, David Reitter wrote:

> On Mar 4, 2019, at 3:42 PM, Robert Goldman <rpgoldman at sift.net> wrote:
>> (The documentation says "For an approximate inverse of this, see 
>> ‘kbd’.”. Your conclusion that key-description guarantees a 
>> certain format doesn’t follow, I would say, especially given that 
>> `kbd’ doesn’t nail down a representation either.)
>> That's true, but I think it's forgivable that the SLIME folks didn't 
>> expect this:
>> (kbd (key-description (kbd "a")))
>> "A"
> Well, they’re abusing the API.
>> And there is no alternative function that they can use as the inverse 
>> of kbd (which is arguably a fault of Emacs itself).
> So, why don’t we write an alternative function, get that added to 
> GNU Emacs, and then SLIME can use that function when available (and 
> fall back to key-description if not)?
>> key-description is defined in C, and doesn't have any obvious 
>> conditioning context (like a dynamically-scoped variable) that would 
>> change its interpretation of lower case characters.
>> This could be added, and then one would patch SLIME if they were to 
>> accept such a patch.
>> Would it be possible to do something like (note -- this is in C, so 
>> of course one would have to just write the equivalent of this):
>> (defun key-description (key-or-seq &optional readable) ...)
>> And fall back to the original emacs code path if readable is true?
> I would rather define a new function that implements what they need.
>> Then we could patch with something like
>> (flet ((key-description (x) (if aquamacs-p (key-description x t) 
>> (key-description x))))
> I’d rather they check for the presence of a function, and we make 
> that function available in Aquamacs as well as in GNU Emacs, if there 
> is such a use case.
> D

I see the appeal of that method, but it seems like doubling the number 
of upstreams that would have to agree. I *might* be able to get the 
SLIME folks to accept a patch, but I have no idea how one goes about 
getting the FSF folks to do so.


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