[OS X Emacs] Verifying Aquamacs

Roussanka Loukanova rl.stpuu at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 12:41:46 EDT 2020


> If you’re running Catalina (10.15) and it happens intermittently, this is
> either a “bug” or “a weird interaction across Apple’s increasingly complex
> security and privacy mechanisms” that several people have reported in
> various settings, but that no one I know of, at least, understands the root
> cause of. (which, yes, is not exactly helpful..)

Yes, I'm on Catalina, v. 10.15.4. The  the progress window [Verifying
Aquamacs.app], started popping up each 1-2 days, recently, but I can't say
exactly when.

One thing to try, though, is to delete your old copy of Aquamacs, download
> a fresh copy, and install it directly in your /Applications folder, (with
> no intermediate copies, installing or running it from somewhere else,
> etc.). Then make sure you’re connected to the net and try running it again.
> This is of course complete voodoo and may make no difference whatsoever if
> what’s happening is that you’re hitting a bug in Catalina. But it does
> address a couple of possible causes, so who knows - it's potentially worth
> a try.
> I'm not sure how and where I may have intermediate copies of Aquamacs,
because each updates removes the older version. Just in case, I trashed
Aquamacs.app and its dmg (the latest  dmg is automatically kept in
Downloads,) in the .Trash. Then, I downloaded Aquamacs from
(by the top icon Download Version 3.5 for Mac OS X (except El Capitan)
which downloads it from githhub)

I installed and run Aquamacs in the usual way, and verification went ok, I
think. Checking for updates doesn't respond properly, i.e.:

Aquamacs > Check for Updates...
is quiet, just producing a note in the command line of Aquamacs:
Mark set

While this should produce a message that the current version is the newest.

To make sure that the download doesn't somehow interfere with the
Aquamacs.app in .Trash, I emptied .Trash, and did everything once again:
- deleted the Aquamacs.app and its dmg
- Empty .Trash
- did fresh download and install

Again, checking for updates again doesn't respond properly, as above, i.e.:

Aquamacs > Check for Updates...
is quiet, just producing a note in the command line of Aquamacs:
Mark set

I do not know whether the progress window [Verifying Aquamacs.app] will pop
up again and if yes when.
Because checking for updates doesn't go  as it should, perhaps the progress
window [Verifying Aquamacs.app] will pop up again. I'll let you know,
perhaps tomorrow.

Best Regards,

> cheers, -john
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