[OS X Emacs] Verifying Aquamacs

Win Treese treese at acm.org
Mon Apr 27 22:21:04 EDT 2020

On Apr 27, 2020, at 10:16 PM, David Reitter <david.reitter at gmail.com> wrote:
> Add a .htaccess HTTP redirect to the HTTPS version for everything (but cgi-bin/) maybe?  That would be the same as the blanket redirect that was happening before.
> There is some code somewhere that produces nice statistics about where people are from, how many users there, which versions they're using and so on.  At some point I used that to decide whether to support old MacOS versions.  It turned out that there was no point in doing so because people who didn't upgrade their system in years also didn't upgrade Aquamacs...

That could work if we either move the web site back to the previous host or to a different platform. Right now we’re deploying using GitHub Pages, which is static only, and I missed this case of needing a script or at least the redirect control. So figuring out what to do…



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