[OS X Emacs] Getting etags working

Elliott Roper elliott at yrl.co.uk
Fri Feb 5 10:53:43 EST 2021

I am trying to learn elisp a bit quicker than I am managing at the mo.

I would like to make TAGS for aquamacs, auctex and vanilla emacs and be able to flick between different versions of each.

I'm kinda expecting etags to be a unix executable, but terminal cannot see it.

zsh: command not found: etags

however an etags.exe can be found in package contents of Aquamacs

Is it safe to option drag it into my $PATH somewhere? And if so where? And will it work?

/usr/local/bin seems to offer it company since aquamacs and emacs live there.

 ls -l aqu*
-rwxr-xr-x@ 1 root  admin  993 29 Jul  2020 aquamacs

Does this mean I nead to sudo and chown it when it arrives.

I am nervous, since I have just discovered how difficult it is to clone and restore Big Sur.

Elliott Roper
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