[Mac OS X TeX] Hack release: TEX -> PDF Service

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Sun Dec 16 14:08:38 EST 2001

OK. Something seems amiss. It works here perfectly, but not on your 

I would like to know in more detail what happens.

- What string did you give to the service? What happens if you use the 
simple string $2^3$?
- The first time you call the service, the GWTeXServices app should 
launch. Does it?
- When it launches, a window is available where the output of the 
process should be visible. What is this output (if any)?
- Is a temporary directory with contents created in /tmp? What are the 
contents? This directory is removed when the TeX process succeeds and 
the result is loaded.
- Is there anything in the Console?
- What teTeX do you use? Remember that there has been a teTeX-beta 
release by me that has a broken ConTeXT. It will definitely not work 
with that version (as the README explains).
- What OS version do you run?

This can help me track it down.



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