[Mac OS X TeX] Carbonized Alpha text-editor needed!

Lorenz Szabo lorenzszabo at mac.com
Tue Dec 18 04:16:14 EST 2001


I'm new to this mailing-list and I'm looking for an Alpha-like Carbon
text-editor, preferable not Emacs or Vi (nothing against this fine software,
but I don't have time to relearn the commands.)

Although the Classic environment runs fine on my G3, Alpha is one of my last
Classic apps (next to Palm HotSync manager -- but this is another story) I
use everyday. And running Classic slows down my computer ...

So, has anyone successfully installed AlphaTk on his OS X machine?

And would it be really that hard to port Alpha to OS X, as someone stated on
the OzTeX mailing-list?

I just thought about buying BBedit 6.x, but I'm really used to the TeX and
BibTeX menus in Alpha. I'm going to install XFree86 (plus MacGIMP) on my
computer this weekend, maybe there is another interesting solution ...

Thank you very much in advance!

- Lo

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