[Mac OS X TeX] TEX -> EPDF?

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Thu Dec 6 05:03:41 EST 2001

Hi all,

On 06-Dec-01 Claus Gerhardt wrote:
# >So, I'm curious whether anyone knows a good way to get a single TeX
# >equation as a piece of embedded PDF?  I'm envisioning a package that works


#  Let me add some thoughts to my first mail to this problem: One can 
#  produce arbitrary many  formulas in one latex document, e.g.


#  After the first run of the document a file myname.mp is created which 
#  one has to transform via the terminal using the command
#  mpost myname
#  After the second run of the document the file myname.pdf contains all 
#  formulas. One can then open this file with Adobe Illustrator, copy 
#  each formula separately, and save each of the formulas as an .eps 
#  file which can either be used independently or can be transformed 
#  with epstopdf to an embedded pdf file that can be read in via an 
#  \includegraphics command.

The use of Illustator is a bit tricky here: I don't have that program.

Here's what I do, YMMV.

1) Create a latex file for each formula, e.g.

%% your style files, amsmath comes to mind

2 + 2 = 5 \qquad\text{G. Orwell, 1984}


2) run file through normal latex
3) run dvi through dvips, with the following options:
   dvips -Ppdf -E -o formula.eps formula.dvi
4) run eps-file through the epstopdf script.
   epstopdf formula.eps

There you have it. The drawbacks are: only one formula per file, needs to use
the cmd-line. Advantage: no need for illustator.

Of course I assume you have teTeX installed and GhostScript. If you have other
tools, you may want to use those. If someone knows a way of skipping the latex
dvips step (i.e. an option for pdflatex to generate epdf directly, I'd like to

Maarten Sneep

It's better to have something to remember than nothing to regret...
Maarten Sneep
Atomic- and Laser Physics group
vrije Universiteit, amsterdam
The Netherlands

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