[Mac OS X TeX] Re: TeX fonts and Illustrator 10

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Mon Dec 31 08:44:29 EST 2001

> So, if I also want to see my figures (and I want) when composing the 
> paper, I need a preview attached to them, which I guess must be a PICT.

There are a couple of nice Classic utilities for working with PS and EPS 
files, and in particular for creating previews:


It's free and worked very well for me in the past (at a time when I was 
creating Mathematica curves on a Linux box and writing papers including 
them with Textures on a PowerBook). It's based on GhostScript 2.3, so it 
might not work with recent PostScript files. I've had it on all my 
successive Macintosh's for more than five years now, I don't think it 
ever crashed any of them. For very wiggly curves (plots of something 
asymptotic to Sqrt[x] Sin[1/x] as x -> 0), it couldn't create previews.


It's one of several shareware PS/EPS conversion tools available at this 
URL. Creates previews, and fixes bounding boxes. There's also EPStoPICT 
(the name says it all). Very nice interface, seems to work though I 
never used it extensively. With documentation explaining PS <-> 
Quickdraw conversion issues. GraphicConverter has a setting for using 
either GhostScript or EPStoPICT when dealing with EPS files.

However, I agree with the view than working with EPS instead of PDF is 
fighting against the tide somehow.

Happy New Year to you all,

Bruno Voisin

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