[Mac OS X TeX] Xfig or like tool

Frank STENGEL fstengel at wanadoo.net.ma
Fri Dec 7 13:24:05 EST 2001

I jus wrote:

> There is a java implementation of xfig called jfig that somehow works. You can
> find it there
> http://tech-www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/applets/jfig/
> The main problem is that when I tried it I had to use a browser (was it IE?)
> that implemented its own java VM. The the MRJ engine does not seem to be able
> to make it work. Alas...

Actually, it works just fine with the applet laucher that comes with OS
10.0.4. The only caveat is that it (the applet) does not seem to want to
quit. My problems were with OS 8.6 and 9.1...

There are still some shortcomings especially with fonts, although I might
very well be wrong...

Frank STENGEL (fstengel at nordnet.fr)
              (fstengel at wanadoo.net.ma)

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