[Mac OS X TeX] Re: OzTeX configs in TeXShop?

david craig dac at panix.com
Wed Dec 19 02:37:39 EST 2001

You all told me a while ago that there was no way to tell tetex to
search my OzTeX inputs file tree.

As it turns out, this is not so.  In fact, to do so is as trivial as one
would expect it to be: make a symbolic link to said inputs in a place
where tetex will look for it, namely, somewhere in ~/Library/texmf/tex/.
(That was the key for me before: not knowing where to put it.  Asking
the question without mentioning OzTeX ended up giving me the answer I
needed [;->].)  The fact that tetex searches such folders recursively
does all of the necessary dirty work.

Much happier now.  Can play with TeXShop without screwing with a
well-developed and perfectly functional existing tree.

David Craig


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