[Mac OS X TeX] Hack release: TEX -> PDF Service

Arun Mangalam arun_mangalam at mac.com
Sun Dec 16 13:30:35 EST 2001

I think this is awesome. I tried the service, but I get the same 
behavior as Ulli. Is it possible to put the source up as well. I could 
probably hack at it quickly to get it working.

I, myself, was hoping to get a table/equation editor and a flowchart 
editor that uses ConTeXt, since the same way you create a "TeXpage", 
there is an equivalent "\startMPpage" for MetaPost graphics [there are 
sooo many things you can do with MetaPost]. Try this simple example 
putting your picture (jpeg, pdf, etc.) for "escher_ascending":


\startMPclip{text clip}
	clip currentpicture to fullcircle shifted (.5,.5)
		xscaled \width yscaled \height ;

\startuseMPgraphic{clip outline}
	draw fullsquare
		xscaled \overlaywidth yscaled \overlayheight
		withpen pencircle scaled 3mm
		withcolor .625red ;
	label("72.27pt", center currentpicture) ;

	[clip outline]
	[\useMPgraphic{clip outline}]

			[background=clip outline, offset=overlay,frame=off]
				[nx=1,ny=1,mp=text clip]

On Sunday, December 16, 2001, at 01:06 PM, Ullrich Steiner wrote:
> On Sunday, December 16, 2001, at 02:11 , Gerben Wierda wrote:
>> But: in this Mail.app compose window (or any rich text object), this 
>> works. I type $2\over3^x$, select it and call the service (Cmd-\), and 
>> hopla:
>> Or when I type: \TeX\ is a wonderful app --- really, I get
>> [ditto]
>> Don't expect your LATeX commands to work, it is ConTeXt (which was 
>> easier for this particular PDF image production). Please read the 
>> readme before you contact me (or before you comment on the list thus 
>> also contacting me).
> I have a working version of ConTeXt, but the TeXService doesn't work 
> for me.  When selecting the two examples in Mail.app, and hit Cmd-\, 
> the color wheel spins for a while, but nothing else happens.
> Ulli

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