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On Sunday, December 30, 2001, at 07:00 PM, "Alessio Guglielmi" 
<Alessio.Guglielmi at Inf.TU-Dresden.DE> wrote:

> Now, Tom Kiffe's macdvi makes for an excellent previewer, because
> it's fast and the quality of fonts on screen is better than that of
> ghostscript (I use Type 1).
> I could have the same quality of fonts, and maybe also the same
> speed, by using pdfTeX, but this is not an option (as far as I know)
> with XyPic, since I make use of postscript specials.
> So, if I also want to see my figures (and I want) when composing the
> paper, I need a preview attached to them, which I guess must be a
> Could I do better? Please consider that speed, quality of fonts,
> XyPic specials are all very important factors for me.

TeXShop has two modes of operation, each of which yields a pdf file 
viewable either in TeXShop's own previewer or in AcroRead: pdftex or 

Obviously, you cannot use the former with figures (unless you convert them 
to .pdf's). But the latter works fine and is not much slower than using 
pdftex (texing takes a good bit longer than the other two steps in the 
conversion process).

Unless you have some basic objection to PDF, that's what I would recommend 
you use.

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