[Mac OS X TeX] TEX -> EPDF?

Frank STENGEL fstengel at wanadoo.net.ma
Thu Dec 6 07:07:54 EST 2001

I am working with a somehow old version of TeXShop's teTeX distribution and
OSX.0.4, so I hope that what I am saying does still apply. Bash me if I'm
hopelessly out of date... So when Radhakrishnan CV wrote:

> Yes, pdftricks.sty (available at CTAN) does this for you. pdftricks
> is meant for using pstricks code in pdftex documents. Your source

I say:

Works, sort of that is: the script has to be slightly rewritten to
accomodate for the fact that bash is not the standard shell that comes with
OSX. dvips has also to be coaxed into understanding that one wants the type
1 fonts (like TeXShop does when invoking it) A tentative version for it
would be:

[start of script pst2pdf.OSX, beware of line endings...]
#! /bin/sh
# pst2pdf.OSX
# PSTricks 2 PDF converter :
# Usage: "pst2pdf.OSX" produces PDF files for all files of the form
#         "pst2pdf.OSX <FILE>" only considers FILE-fig.tex
# It removes intermediary files at the end.

if [ -z ${FILE} ]; then
                FIGURES=`ls *-fig*.tex`;
                FIGURES=`ls -- ${FILE}-fig*.tex`;

for f in ${FIGURES} ; do
  fig=`basename  ${f} .tex`
  latex ${fig}
  dvips -R -u +psfonts.map -u +pdftex.map -u +Ttbbold.map -E -o ${fig}.eps
  epstopdf ${fig}.eps
  rm ${fig}.eps ${fig}.dvi ${fig}.log ${fig}.aux
[end of script]

Have fun!

Frank STENGEL (fstengel at nordnet.fr)
              (fstengel at wanadoo.net.ma)

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