[Mac OS X TeX] a small previewer

Takanori Uchiyama uchiyama at appi.keio.ac.jp
Mon Dec 10 01:29:46 EST 2001

Hi, everybody

I wrote a small previewer program.  But it has a lot of limitations.
1) You have already had teTeX based system.
2) The default path of $TEXMF$ is /usr/local/share/texmf.  If your
   install path was not the above path, you would have to make
   symbolic link to it.
3) You can use both PK and type 1 Computer Modern font for Mac OS
   (developed by Blue Sky Research).  But type 1 fonts are
4) The previewer has not supported printing yet.
5) You could not use slant type fonts in TEXFONTS package.
6) You have to install TXFONTS for Mac OS if you want to use TXFONTS
   package.  It is available at 
7) You have to install Ghostscript if you want to preview DVI files
   including EPS.
8) Some color, rotation and scaling specials are supported.
9) mktexpk generates 300 dpi (cx in modes.mf) PK fonts.  It is fixed. 

You can get it at

Any comments are welcome but I don't have enough time to improve the

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