[Mac OS X TeX] Re: OzTeX configs in TeXShop?

Gérard Degrez degrez at vki.ac.be
Thu Dec 20 08:35:08 EST 2001

>On Wednesday, December 19, 2001, at 11:31 , Gérard Degrez wrote:
>>Oops, I just tried to check before sending the mail, it seems that
>>this no longer works (no ls-R database was generated for the
>>$HOMETEXMF tree. In addition, my previous ls-R has disappeared!). I
>>remember clearly it worked with my previous version of TeXShop/teTeX.
>>Is this a feature?
>Yes. There have been requests for this. It means that a standard 
>distribution will work for ordinary users without them ever having 
>to go to the Terminal to run a command (like texhash). I have 
>described in another message how to turns this on again.

Yes. I've seen that. But I found out that this is not enough. One 
also has to change the environment variable TEXMFDBS

% Where to look for ls-R files.  There need not be an ls-R in the
% directories in this path, but if there is one, Kpathsea will use it.
% This is default set to TEXMF+VARTEXFONTS but without HOMETEXMF
            to be added

>If your tree is small, there is no reason to use texhash.

It is large... (packages,fonts,...)

Thanks very much to you and to all people involved in the development 
of TeXShop, it's really a nice TeX implementation.

Gérard Degrez

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