[Mac OS X TeX] New (?) utility (??) for viewing page structure

chamlin at optonline.net chamlin at optonline.net
Sun Dec 30 22:22:01 EST 2001


   I posted this on comp.text.tex, but figured this would be a
good place too.

   If you set things right (\tracingoutput and
\showboxbreadth,\showboxdepth) you get a dump in the
log file of all the items on the pages as they are shipped
out. I wrote something to show me this
visually. If interested, there's a page at
with a screen shot.

Is there something like this already? If so, I'd be
interested to see how it was approached in the past.

It is written in Objective C for Mac OS X.


   Chris Hamlin
   chamlin at nassau.cv.net

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