[Mac OS X TeX] Hack release: TEX -> PDF Service

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Sat Dec 15 20:11:26 EST 2001

Sorry about the breaking of netiquette here with the inclusion of 
images. I hope I'm forgiven....

On Thursday, December 6, 2001, at 06:18 , William Adams wrote:

>>> What one wants is for TeXShop.app to provide a Service, ``TeX eq ->
>>> EPDF'', so that one could then, within OmniGraffle, type  the desired
>>> equation (say \magstep2$1+1=2$), select it, choose the Service and 
>>> then
>>> get in situ the ``epdf''---that's how it works in NeXTstep, and I 
>>> can't
>>> think of a more efficient fashion to get this sort of thing done....

This seemed like such a nice thing to do that I did it as a small 

The use of it seems limited though to environments where in the same 
object text and pdf make sense. OmniGraflle is not such a thing. Nor is 
Create. See the README that accompanies this hack.

But: in this Mail.app compose window (or any rich text object), this 
works. I type $2\over3^x$, select it and call the service (Cmd-\), and 

[image removed because the mailing list blocks them]

Or when I type: \TeX\ is a wonderful app --- really, I get


Don't expect your LATeX commands to work, it is ConTeXt (which was 
easier for this particular PDF image production). Please read the readme 
before you contact me (or before you comment on the list thus also 
contacting me). I am *considering* a more powerful Service, where you 
can type
where foo instructs the service how to typeset the string (ConTeXt, 
LATeX, whatever you setup yourself as this should be configurable).

Now where to find it:


Have fun,


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