[Mac OS X TeX] TexShop crashing OS X

Everett W. Howe however at alumni.caltech.edu
Tue May 15 03:21:42 EDT 2001

Hello all,

Fredrik Wallenberg wrote of his problem with TeXShop crashing OS X
occasionally when he clicks the "Previous" button.  I have experienced
the same type of crash (apps shut down, I get a blue screen, and then
I get either a login screen or a "spinning beachball" that hangs 
around so long that I resort to the reset button), but the "Previous"
button is not involved.  I haven't reported this before because I
have had trouble duplicating it consistently, and in fact I have
been *unable* to make it happen recently.

Here's what seemed to be the proximate cause:  I would hit
shift-apple-L to LaTeX my paper, but I would do so in the TeXShop
*console* window (instead of the editor window or preview window)
by accident.  Then I would move to the editor window, hit
shift-apple-L again, and boom --- straight out of OS X.

As I said, this hasn't happened recently, but I also haven't been
using TeX as much recently because the paper I'd been working on
is on a back burner at the moment.  I'm curious to know whether
others have had this kind of crash with different causes.

 - Everett

Everett Howe                          Center for Communications Research
however at alumni. caltech. edu                      4320 Westerra Court
http://alumni.caltech.edu/~however                  San Diego, CA  92121

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