[Mac OS X TeX] (La)TeX source and BBEdit?

sranderson at mac.com sranderson at mac.com
Tue May 8 21:31:07 EDT 2001

<x-flowed>I've been looking for a way to migrate my LaTeX work from a linux
machine to my MacOS X machine, and I was happy to learn about the
current version of CMacTeX and associated utilities. I've got it all
set up, but I can't understand why it's focused on BBEdit as the
editor. I've never used BBEdit before, and I just downloaded and set
up the demo, but as far as i can see, this editor provides next to no
support for editing LaTeX files. Yes, it does some syntax coloring,
and by compiling the scripts provided with CMacTeX it's possible to
call TeX, ghostscript, BibTeX, etc. But there's no help that I can
find for inserting all of the repetitive stuff that I'm used to having
AUCtex do for me in xemacs. Alpha provides vastly more LaTeX support,
I think, but then even the latest version of alpha doesn't run
natively under OS X, and I think the facility for going from a line in
the formatted version to the corresponding place in the source file
only works with BBEdit....

I have to think there's more to BBEdit thatn I can see. What do people
use to make this into a real, functional editor for LaTeX source?

--Steve Anderson

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